Sunday, October 23, 2016

Arduino Light Meter with photo resistor and OLED display

Arduino Light Meter with photo resistor and OLED display

This video show how to make an Arduino Light Meter using an Photoresistor or Light depended resistor(LDR). A 128X64 i2c Oled ssd1306 display is used to display the light intensity in percentage numeral and bar. I used an Arduino UNO 3.3V clone which uses Atmega328P.
Photo resistors are cheap and easily available on Ebay, Bangood, Sparkfun etc. Library used U8Glib: Installed directly from the Library Manager in Arduino IDE. Connect the photoresistor or LDR between 3.3V and A0 analog input pin of Arduino. Also connect an 12K or 10K resistor between A0 and ground pin of Arduino. The OLED display VCC is connected to 3.3V of Arduino. Gnd to Gnd of Arduino. SDA of OLED to SDA or Arduino, SCL of OLED to SCL of Arduino.

Light Meter code: Arduino Code download/copy the code in the box below to a file and save with .ino extension.

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